„Knowledge and information are the main keys to empowerment “.

According to bpb*, more immigrant women in the EU have a higher education than immigrant men. However, many of them do not work in jobs they are qualified for or just don’t work at all. Lack of information, fear to fail or to start from the very beginning often hold these women back from what they can achieve!  

We at ABLE have a vision that every Ukrainian woman living in Germany gets a chance to succeed! We can’t teach them German or find a better job for them, but we want to provide them with useful information, answer their questions and inspire them with great stories of other women during our regular Meet-Ups with Empowerment talks and Job-Trainings. Internationally renowned women speak during these sessions, share their fields of expertise, discuss the challenges they have faced and offer new insights, knowledge and information. 

These women and their stories are all different, about their own rises and falls, but all of them strive to encourage our participants to release their internal power and to believe in themselves. 

UA Women Power Network

#СМІЛИВА is the moto of our new project, which means “BRAVE”. The aim of our project is to create a trans-regional women’s community network of Ukrainian women throughout Germany. The project focuses on the professional and personal development of refugee women in order to facilitate their integration into the German labour market.

All events promote networking among the women, take away their fears of integration in the new country, open up new perspectives as well as strengthen the feeling for Europe & Germany in solidarity. ABLE invites a guest speaker to the events who shares her success story about her integration journey in Germany with the participants. The project is supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung im Rahmen des Programms Perspektive Donau.


Coming Meet-Ups

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